I write this weblog using a static blogging system called Hexo. Most common blogging systems, like Tumblr and Wordpress and the like, are dynamic blogging platforms. You write your content and it goes into their databases. When a reader wants to see your page, the content gets pulled out the database and a new webpage is built on-the-fly.[1] There is often a noticeable lag as the content is pulled out of the database. It is also a waste of compute cycles for content that is mostly static.

Anyway, I’ve used lots of static blogging systems like Octopress, Hackyl, and perhaps a few others. Right now, I’m using Hexo.

I use a moderately customized Next theme. The editor that I use to write content is Atom which is a fine text editor. I write in Markdown then then Hexo parses it into HTML.

This weblog is served out of an S3 bucket on my Amazon Web Services account. After I write or edit content, Hexo bakes it down to the actual HTML and CSS files - something it does very quickly.[2] When it’s time to upload to the S3 bucket, I use a custom deployment plugin that I wrote for Hexo.

  1. Most of these platforms include some sort of predictive caching mechanism that holds some pages pre-built; but you get the point.

  2. Speed is the main reason I went with Hexo. Aside from suzukiexperience.com, I write some larger blogs that took a long time to compile in Octopress.