Found Objects, Volume 1

These are links I’ve found in the last week that are of interest to Suzuki parents.

  • Getting kids to practice music - without tears or tantrums. This is a thoroughly written article by Anastasia Tsioulcas on the NPR blog “deceptive cadence.” I particulary enjoyed her interviews with parents of teens who had appeared on NPR’s From the Top. It is fascinating that there is nothing magical about how they practiced with their kids. Games, challenges, and goals. That’s it. Well worth reading.
  • How do you encourage your kid without being a crazy stage parent. Another thoughtful piece from the same blog. Lots of ideas from both the parent’s perspective and the student’s perspective. Young pianist Hilda Huang offered unusually mature wisdom in the piece: “Often, parents who are musicians themselves can get too caught up in their child’s musical development. Living vicariously never did people too much good.”
  • Musicians’ brains really do work differently - in a good way. A TED-Ed video about neurophysiologic differences between listening to music and playing music. “Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.” Creatively animated and narrated. Fun. (The video is also on YouTube if the blog post about it goes away.)
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Alan is the main practice partner and accompanist for a young violinist.