Found Objects, Volume 2

These are links I’ve found in the last week that are of interest to Suzuki parents.

  • The Seinfeld Approach to Practice - I saw this mentioned on the Aber Suzuki Center Facebook page. The author, a flutist, talks about Jerry Seinfeld’s approach to productivity. (Believe it or not comedy is a form of work.) His approach is called “don’t break the chain.” In essence, to do lists are fine, but too many people get obsessed by the details and lose their effectiveness. This approach just says “every day I have to do something to move the ball forward.” So he has a calendar with bubbles where the user can place an X on each day where something happened. This blog post talks about applying the idea to practice. In other words, don’t break the practice chain.
  • Compare and Despair - a lovely piece from performer and teacher Claire Allen on the pitfalls of comparisons. Comparisons between students. Comparisons between yourself and some ideal. “To everyone: Be kind to yourself. Seek to be authentic, rather than unique. Focus on what YOU can do, and love yourself as yourself. Because you are worthy of all the love in the world, and we need you exactly as you are.” Sounds like good advice.
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Alan is the main practice partner and accompanist for a young violinist.