The following is a list of links that I found helpful for our work as a Suzuki family, learning about music and child development in general.





  • Teach Suzuki - A great blog by Suzuki violin teacher Paula Bird.
  • Suzuki Triangle - Another very insightful blog by Suzuki violin teacher Christine Goodner.
  • The Plucky Violin Teacher - an in-depth prolific blog geared toward fellow Suzuki violin teachers.
  • Music for Young Violinists - A very nice blog by Suzuki violin teacher Heather Figi from Eugene, Oregon. She also has some great music resources for young students. Twinkle variations, Perpetual motion variations, etc.
  • Music in Practice - A blog by Sue Hunt. Not updated very frequently; but lots of resources to be found there.
  • Solo to Symphony - a blog by Aber Suzuki Center parents. Not updated frequently any longer
  • Bulletproof Musician - a great blog on achieving musical excellence through better practice by Dr. Noa Kageyama.
  • Teach Suzuki Violin - This is a very active blog written by a Suzuki violin teacher.
  • Get Banded - a band community sponsored by Jupiter music. Many articles are relevant to all young music students.
  • Rethinking Genius - blog by Suzuki violin and viola instructor Danielle Gomez.
  • The Musicians Way - some helpful content on practice and performance.
  • The Well-Tempered Ear - classical music in and around Madison, WI and the world of classical music.
  • Suzuki Skeptic - a skeptical look at the method and a musicological look at the Suzuki violin repertoire.
  • Claire Allen, Violin - another prolific writer/violin teacher.