Say it positively

100 ways to say “good”

(N.B. I found these on the University of Northern Iowa Suzuki School website. I’ve modified them slightly; but all credit goes to the UNI Suzuki School.)

These are words and phrases that you can use as a practice parent to encourage children without resorting to simply “good”.

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Super! Wow! Sensational That’s right!
That’s good! That’s better Perfect! That’s it!
Good work! Clever! All right! Congratulations!
Excellent Keep it up! Marvelous! Nice going!
Terrific! Now you have it Superb! Much better!
Wonderful Great! That’s the best I like that
Fine! Good for you! Nice going! Fantastic!
Good going! Way to go! That’s great! You’re great!
Tremendous! Outstanding! You have it made Good thinking!
I’m very proud of you That’s the way You remembered! That’s really nice
I knew you could do it What a good job! You’ve just about got it Well, look at you!
Good for you! You did very well You did it that time! You make me proud
That’s the way to do it Keep up the good work You’re learning fast That’s first class work
You make it look easy You’re doing a good job You’re doing beautifully You’re really improving
Good remembering! You did a lot of work today. You’ve got that down pat You’re doing fine
Keep on trying That’s a good (boy/girl) I think you have it now Good job (name)
Now that’s what I call a fine job! You’re really working hard today You just about mastered that You’re really going to town!
That’s quite an improvement You must have been practicing You outdid yourself today You really make my job fun
You figured that out fast Nothing can stop you now It’s a pleasure to practice when you work like that. You’re on the right track now
that makes me feel good. Now you’ve figured it out You are very good at that That’s way better
You certainly did very well today Now you have the hang of it You solved the problem! One more time & you’ll have it
You’re really learning a lot You’re getting better every time You’re concentrating well That’s the way to do it
I’m happy to see work like that Never saw it done better Couldn’t have done it better myself You’re doing it much better today
That’s the best you’ve done Now you’ve figured it out Keep working; you’re getting better Wonderful
Awesome Super Whoa! That’s cool!
Written by:

Alan is the main practice partner and accompanist for a young violinist.