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  • The Suzuki Triangle Blog - Written by Suzuki violin teacher, author and podcaster, Christine Wilson Goodner, covers a wide range of Suzuki-related topics.
  • The Bulletproof Musician - A legendary blog about the psychology of pratice and performance.
  • The Plucky Violin Teacher - an in-depth prolific blog geared toward fellow Suzuki violin teachers.
  • Teach Suzuki - Paula Bird, is a Suzuki powerhouse. A wealth of information here.
  • Music for Young Violinists - A very nice blog by Suzuki violin teacher Heather Figi from Eugene, Oregon. She also has some great music resources for young students. Twinkle variations, Perpetual motion variations, etc.
  • Violin Teachers Blog - Suzuki violin teacher Eloise Hellyer puts so much care into what she writes. Recommended.


  • Teach Suzuki - one of my favourite podcasts. Fresh, enthusiastic and updated frequently.
  • Beyond the Music Lesson - Christine Wilson Goodner's podcast. Interview format. Recommended.
  • Suzuki Planet - Produced by Brecklyn Ferrin and McKenzie Clawson. Innovative format in which they interview Suzuki kids.
  • Building Noble Hearts - Official podcast of the SAA.
  • Mind Over Finger - Mindful practice and inspiring interviews with an impressive list of performers and pedagogues.
  • Stand Partners for Life - Husband and wife team, both violinists with the LA Philharmonic discuss life as an orchestral musician.
  • The Bulletproof Musician - A podcast companion to the well-known blog.
  • Beyond the Triangle - Violin pedagogue and mother of a young artist talks about the care and feeding of young arists.


  • 100 ways to say 'very good' - Many different ways to say it positively
  • Suzuki pieces in original form - Recommended. All of the pieces in the Suzuki violin repertoire and where they come from.
  • Theory things - a massive resource of theory-related items from Dr. William Wieland at Northern State University. Highly recommended.
  • The Practice Shoppe - online store with all sorts of items for Suzuki families and teachers, dice, counters, bookmarks, gifts, etc. They have very efficient shipping to Canada also.

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The Suzuki Experience is a weblog focused on helping parents practice more effectively and joyfully with their children. It traces the progress of our experience from beginner to budding young artist.