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Sectional listening in small segments

We often think of listening as a way of building memory and reinforcing tone. It's also possible to listen intently in smaller segments. Here's how.

Alan Duncan

2 minutes read

When someone asks me - what’s the most important part of Suzuki talent education? I always answer the same way.

Listen in a purposeful, customized way.

Evidence-based Suzuki playlists

Alan Duncan

3 minutes read

As a Suzuki parent, whose own musical training happened to by very traditional, I’m fascinated by how effective listening can be. When kids begin listening at a very early age and continue to listen to their repertoire consistently they develop an almost “sixth sense” about playing.

14 tech tips for Suzuki listening

Here are some ideas for using technology to make listening convenient, consistent, and intentional.

Alan Duncan

6 minutes read

Listening to the reference recordings of the repertoire is a core element of the Suzuki method of talent education. And it’s a core determinant of progress because listening consistently means having a more clearly defined aural target in mind as you approach a piece. Teachers tell me that it is easy to discern a student who listens regularly because they have a seemingly more innate understanding of the pieces they are working on.

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