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No instrument? No problem!

One of the most frequent questions that comes up online is what to do if you cannot practice with your instrument. Here's a handful of tips about practicing without an instrument.

Alan Duncan

4 minutes read

Suzuki said to only practice on the days you eat. It must have been his wry way to say: "Practice every day." That is sound advice; and in reality, there is so much progress to be made by practicing every day. But life intervenes. We've been practicing for many many days now. But twice during that stretch, my daughter had to practice without an instrument because it was simply not safe to bring her instrument into the back-country where she was on a school trip.

Finding the recipe for success

Artistry comes from finding the right recipe of contradictory ingredients in the practice room.

Alan Duncan

3 minutes read

"Go in front of a mirror with your instrument, look at yourself and tell yourself what recipe, from several contradictory elements will make you the best artist. The ingredients are repetition vs spontaneity. Relaxation vs control. Confidence vs humility. After all, technical discipline does bring us artistic freedom. We just have to figure out on any given day what the recipe is to make us the best artist we can be."

Trust the process

Confidence comes from knowing that your route will take you where you want to go.

Alan Duncan

5 minutes read

Confidence comes from knowing that your route will take you where you want to go. Whether it's about the mastery of a certain piece of music or about the long road to become a confident player, it's about trusting that the process will get you there.

Why false summits make good Suzuki practice

Actual climbing often involves a series of false summits. So does the road to artistry.

Alan Duncan

3 minutes read

After climbing for hours in the thin air of Colorado my son and I reached what we thought was the summit of our first 14'er. Descending climbers quashed our hopes by informing us that we had only reached the first of a series of false summits. To reach the true summit, it would take bursts of effort to power us over these little peaks. Finally, at the summit we were greeted by incomparable vistas and a sense of accomplishment that made the extra effort worthwhile.

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