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Mental representations and deliberate practice

In part 2 of a series on deliberate practice, we dive into the heady concept of mental representations and how they affect practice.

Alan Duncan

8 minutes read

This is the second article in a series on deliberate practice. The first in the series dealt with the concept of deliberate practice as a general principle and today we’ll dive into mental representations as an essential component of deliberate practice.

Finding the recipe for success

Artistry comes from finding the right recipe of contradictory ingredients in the practice room.

Alan Duncan

3 minutes read

“Go in front of a mirror with your instrument, look at yourself and tell yourself what recipe, from several contradictory elements will make you the best artist. The ingredients are repetition vs spontaneity. Relaxation vs control. Confidence vs humility. After all, technical discipline does bring us artistic freedom. We just have to figure out on any given day what the recipe is to make us the best artist we can be.”

Trust the process

Confidence comes from knowing that your route will take you where you want to go.

Alan Duncan

5 minutes read

Confidence comes from knowing that your route will take you where you want to go. Whether it’s about the mastery of a certain piece of music or about the long road to become a confident player, it’s about trusting that the process will get you there.

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