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Welcome to, a weblog about Suzuki talent education. I began writing articles here back in 2014 just a couple years or so after my daughter began taking Suzuki violin lessons. The articles more or less trace our development as a Suzuki family. Feel to browse the blog. Or if you’re interested in a particular topic, you can take a look at what I’ve written on a particular subject.

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Our most recent post, The process is the reward, is a short take on why it’s important to let the process unfold in its own time, allowing the child to find joy in learning to play rather than defering it to some future time when she can play “real pieces.” That moment should be now, not then.

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Selected Resources


  • The Suzuki Triangle Blog - Written by Suzuki violin teacher, author and podcaster, Christine Wilson Goodner, covers a wide range of Suzuki-related topics.
  • The Bulletproof Musician - A legendary blog about the psychology of pratice and performance.
  • The Plucky Violin Teacher - an in-depth prolific blog geared toward fellow Suzuki violin teachers.
  • Teach Suzuki - Paula Bird, is a Suzuki powerhouse. A wealth of information here.
  • Music for Young Violinists - A very nice blog by Suzuki violin teacher Heather Figi from Eugene, Oregon. She also has some great music resources for young students. Twinkle variations, Perpetual motion variations, etc.
  • Violin Teachers Blog - Suzuki violin teacher Eloise Hellyer puts so much care into what she writes. Recommended.


  • Teach Suzuki - one of my favourite podcasts. Fresh, enthusiastic and updated frequently.
  • Beyond the Music Lesson - Christine Wilson Goodner's podcast. Interview format. Recommended.
  • Suzuki Planet - Produced by Brecklyn Ferrin and McKenzie Clawson. Innovative format in which they interview Suzuki kids.
  • Building Noble Hearts - Official podcast of the SAA.
  • Mind Over Finger - Mindful practice and inspiring interviews with an impressive list of performers and pedagogues.
  • Stand Partners for Life - Husband and wife team, both violinists with the LA Philharmonic discuss life as an orchestral musician.
  • The Bulletproof Musician - A podcast companion to the well-known blog.
  • Beyond the Triangle - Violin pedagogue and mother of a young artist talks about the care and feeding of young arists.


  • Suzuki pieces in original form - Recommended. All of the pieces in the Suzuki violin repertoire and where they come from.
  • 100 ways to say 'very good' - Many different ways to say it positively
  • Theory things - a massive resource of theory-related items from Dr. William Wieland at Northern State University. Highly recommended.
  • The Practice Shoppe - online store with all sorts of items for Suzuki families and teachers, dice, counters, bookmarks, gifts, etc. They have very efficient shipping to Canada also.

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The Suzuki Experience is a weblog focused on helping parents practice more effectively and joyfully with their children. It traces the progress of our experience from beginner to budding young artist.