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30 April 2018 / Alan Duncan / practice
Her breaking point, it turned out, was Kreutzer #11. Somehow the parenting lessons that are the most obvious are the easiest to forget. After a concerto competition, a three week-long music festival, and a busy chamber music workshop, my daughter was done. Like, really done. But since her teacher just gave her the Kreutzer #11 to start working on, I jumped into helping her map out all the shifts.
19 April 2017 / Alan Duncan / parenting
I’ve been reading Alison Gopnik’s recent book “The Gardener and the Carpenter” and wondering how it all fits with our role as Suzuki parents. Gardening and carpentry Dr. Gopnik is professor of psychology at U.C. Berkley and studies child development. “The Gardener and the Carpenter” looks at the role parents play in their children’s lives using two contrasting metaphors. The “carpenter parent” views child development from the parent’s perspective - planning, arranging and “parenting.
31 July 2016 / Alan Duncan / psychology
13 July 2016 / Alan Duncan / parenting
26 June 2016 / Alan Duncan / psychology
I recently wrote a few thoughts about dealing with perfectionism in Suzuki students. Since my own Suzuki child has her own perfectionist tendencies, it left me wondering about how my own ways of helping may be growing, rather than reducing, that tendency. A recent paper1 on the development of maladaptive perfectionism sheds some light on how subtle differences in the way parents attempt to help their children can determine whether they become little perfectionists or more error-tolerant.
08 June 2016 / Alan Duncan / psychology
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18 January 2016 / Alan Duncan / psychology

The benefits of having a growth mindset are well-known. But it is often confused with effort alone. A growth mindset links specific efforts to positive growth outcomes.

15 January 2016 / Alan Duncan / practice

Procrastination (what my mother used to call “dawdling”) is almost universal among kids. Here are some ways to prevent it from derailing practice.