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11 November 2018 / Alan Duncan / practice
23 March 2018 / Alan Duncan / audition
We recently had to produce a couple audition videos, so I thought I’d share what we learned in the process. Even if you’re not recording for an audition, it can be valuable to capture piece that your children have polished to a high level in an indelible way. Goals of the audition video You want the audition video to accurately represent your level of playing and mastery of the instrument in a way that allows adjudicators who don’t know you and can’t see you up-close to assess your ability and suitability for their goals.
04 March 2016 / Alan Duncan / lesson

Since lesson notes are really the essential link back to the lesson as you practice during the week, I’m on a constant quest to do a better job of capturing all of the detail from the lessons. Here’s my current approach.

09 February 2016 / Alan Duncan / technology
Although we’re generally pretty technology-light at our house when it comes to raising kids, there are a few music apps that have sneaked into our daily use during in practice. Here’s a quartet of apps that we use. I apologize that this is iPhone-centric; but that’s what we have here. Decide Now! This is a simple roulette wheel that the child can spin. You can use it to pick a section of a piece to work on, pick review pieces, or decide on the number of repetitions.
06 January 2016 / Alan Duncan / listening
30 October 2015 / Alan Duncan / listening
10 October 2015 / Alan Duncan / listening